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flag2Culture Shock:   A look at the process of adjusting to contrasting ways of life.

ARTICLES:  Changing Tongues | The Comfort of Courtesy | Acclimating From Tokyo to New York City | My Un-American Son

death2Death and Dying:  Reflections on mortality in different societies.

ARTICLES:  Afraid of Dying Alone | Departure


mapEarthquake and Tsunami:  Observations of the aftermath of the devastating 2011 natural disaster.

ARTICLES:  What the Tsunami Left Behind | In Fukushima, Surreal Serenity | Train to Nowhere  |  A Battered Nation on the Mend | A Month After the Shock, a Different Japan | Japanese Stiff Upper Lip: Please Avoid FukinshinNavigating Japan’s Day of Disaster

schoolJapanese School:  Chronicles of life at a private elementary school in Tokyo.

ARTICLES:  The Boy in the Mirror | The Legacy of Human Torpedoes| One Son, Four Characters | The Three R’s, Japanese Style | Identically DistinctiveA lie to live by, at least in Japan | Homework for the beach | For Japanese children, little time to daydream | Are They Too Young to Ride the Trains Alone? | Making the Grade How a Japanese elementary school prepared my child


 societyJapanese Society and Values:  Japanese Society and Values:  Explorations of the intricate social codes of Japan

ARTICLES: Running With Perseverance | Character Values | Kimono Lessons | Toilet Worship | Too Tall for Japan? | Imperial Adjustments | The Right Amount of Modesty | Hand-To-Hand Combat | Japan’s Year in Words | Tokyo’s Rush Hour Madness | Identically Distinctive | A lie to live by, at least in Japan | Japan’s Subtle Etiquette Code | How I got a Certificate in Common Sense  |  Yuki Kawauchi, the Marathon Rock Star

lang_cultLanguage and Culture:  Examinations of the distinctive and curious of Japan and the U.S.

ARTICLES: Look Who’s Teaching Smartphone | Changing Tongues | Character Values | Japanese Stiff Upper Lip: Please Avoid Fukinshin | One Son, Four Characters | Japan’s Year in Words | The only warmth in my life is the heated toilet seat | English Speakers are from Mars